Welcome to Phoenix Restaurant,
Phoenix Restaurant is a whole unique dining experience located on College Street in Toronto, Canada. It specializes in Vietnamese cuisine using the finest and freshest ingredients. We offer an inspired menu of traditional food from Vietnam.

Vietnamese cuisine is a style of cooking derived from the nation of Vietnam; fish sauce, soy sauce, rice, fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables are commonly used. Vietnamese recipes use a diverse range of herbs, including lemongrass, mint, Vietnamese mint, long coriander and basil leaves. Throughout all regions of Vietnam, the emphasis is always on serving fresh vegetables and/or fresh herbs as essential side dishes along with dipping sauce.

Opened for business in 1999, Phoenix Restaurant is proud to bring dining tradition and great chefs from Vietnam to you, so that you do not have to travel across the world for authentic Vietnamese dishes. At Phoenix Restaurant, you are always treated with a smile. It is the Phoenix Restaurant. From the front and back, we are a team of passionate professionals committed to delivering an exceptional dining experience.
We are proud to serve you.

Phoenix Restaurant
1151 College Street (West of Dufferin Street)
Toronto. On. M6H 1B5

Tel: 416. 538. 6891
E-mail: kennyminh2004@gmail.com
Web-site: http://www.phoenixrestaurant.ca
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